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Last Wishes Workshop

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Taking a fresh look at life and death. Healing the wounds of grief and honouring love as we grow a beautiful flower from the ashes. Transforming the trauma of the pandemic into a legacy of love.

We are running a special launch of this tried, tested and verified course to enable more people to access this valuable and life changing information.

Find out about all the complexities surrounding end of life and how to navigate them in this simple guided workshop designed to inspire, educate, and empower you to make your Last Wishes.

A workbook you fill in accompanies the Last Wishes workshop. You may update the workbook if anything changes in the future and share the relevant sections with the people who need to know.

Due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions being reduced, we have started adding workshop dates for later in 2020 . If due to government laws we will need to postpone a scheduled workshops that you have booked onto, we will provide alternative dates for you to attend.

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End of life is surprisingly complex and can be very costly, time consuming and upsetting for you and your loved ones with very limited choices if you don't know what your options are.

The aim of this positive and inspiring workshop is to give you an overview of three main topics.

• The Legacy you want to leave behind and tying up all loose ends.
• Looking at your funeral arrangements so you get the best value service you deserve.
• Creating the ceremony you would like so loved ones can celebrate your life in the way you wish.

This workshop is a one full day that comes with an accompanying document for you to fill in. Content has been created by those with in-depth knowledge of the funeral industry including an independent funeral director, interfaith ministers, and a qualified teacher. All of whom have many years of in-depth experience. (You can find out more about our founders here).

Our facilitators hold courses in their local areas to assist people with their last wishes.Ancient and Sacred Trees DiversiTree

This tried, tested and constantly expanding content has been shared in Last Wishes Workshops for 20years. This course is designed to empower you to make the right choices for you.

Last Wishes plants 20 trees through AST for every Last Wishes Workshop booked.

“Jean leaves no stone unturned, no aspect unexplained – and I had no idea it would be such fun. Under her sensitive guidance and with her extensive knowledge of what is possible… Thank you Jean, for your inspired, humorous and down to earth approach to a subject that is so often considered taboo.”
Tricia in her 60’s

It was an utter joy to meet you on Saturday and benefit from your knowledge and wisdom. Many thanks for all the additional information that you have kindly shared.

Sandra S in her 50’s

Jean is a wonderful woman ... so compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable about her subject. I highly recommend her workshops ... so enlightening.... I learnt so much.

Julie M in her 50’s

I used to dread the idea of dying but having thought about and planned my own funeral I feel far more at ease with the inevitable.

Martin in his 60’s

Attending a Last Wishes Workshop proved to be one of the best decisions I have made. It opened up the whole subject in such a lovely way and raised my awareness of alternative and loving ways to say goodbye and to honour a loved one. I so wish I had had this knowledge many years ago when my husband died. I would highly recommend this Workshop to every one.

Ella R in her 70's

This workshop is well worth attending as there's a mine of thought-provoking information and Jean facilitates with compassion, warmth and humour.

Marion F in her 50’s

When someone dies emotions run high. There are many decisions to be made and things to be done that we are not familiar with. Planning for the future isn’t always easy and you may not know where to start/begin. Thank you Last Wishes I now know.

Judith R 70's