In years gone by it was deemed that “the land should be kept for the living”; promoting cremation rather than burial. We now need to take a fresh look at this statement. We must investigate the damage being caused to our planet; being grateful for the way she supports us and in return we must give back in any way we know how.

Many people choose cremation believing it to be a cleaner, neater form of body disposal. Often, this is the case especially during the Covid19 pandemic. Most importantly, with awareness, there are many things we can do to compensate whatever our choices.

Cremating a body, in spite of strict government legislation, causes harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere. These emissions include cancerous causing compounds from the plastics and glues used in and on conventional coffins. Not to mention the enormous amount of fossil fuels involved in the cremation process.

But, should you choose to be cremated, there are steps you can take to ensure a more environmentally friendly departure, saving emissions and fossil fuel while being kinder to the planet:

  • Insist on no embalming (other than in specific circumstances). Embalming fluids are extremely toxic and damaging to the environment.
  • Check that the coffin you choose does not contain toxic glues.
  • Always, refuse coffins with gold coloured plastic handles. Better still choose one made from natural materials.
  • Dress or wrap the body in clothes/cloth made of natural material.
  • Choose garden or locally grown flowers instead of imported blooms with a big carbon footprint.
  • Plant trees whenever possible to help off-set harmful emissions.

Giving back to our Planet

LAST WISHES – Live your Legacy  is a not-for-profit community raising profits to go back into community projects to support causes related to end of life and legacy, especially to help the Earth, for example;

 Tree planting with Ancient and Sacred Trees;

 Environmental awareness with Sussex Green Living.

If you would like to support the work we are doing to raise awareness of how our end of life can support the planet – please contact us or donate here.


According to TheNDC Handbook says: "One anti-burial argument is that we hear many times that we need space. This is an urban myth. Here are some facts that may surprise you. More than half a million people die in the UK every year. If they were all buried it would take 2,000 years to use the same acreage of land that farmers leave as set-aside. If they were all natural burials think of the useful green spaces and wild life refuge this would create."

Natural burial is nothing new, like many aspect of life it is simply a return to old ways. There are many options available, some more environmentally affective than others. Your choice of burial space may of course depend on your religious affiliation. Should you choose to be buried, here are your options...


The Egyptians practised mummification many centuries ago; which was an early form of embalming. Complex rites and rituals were carried out to ensure the body was properly preserved. The mummification process had enormous spiritual significance.

During the American Civil War hundreds of thousands of soldiers died far from home and their grieving families. Being embalmed meant that bodies could be safely transported and returned to their loved ones.

Nelson’s body was returned from the battle of Trafalgar preserved in a keg of brandy.

The embalming process has changed considerably over the years...


Avoid all hardwoods because trees take centuries to grow! Most importantly shun coffins full of toxic glue with gold coloured plastic handles.

Whether for burial or cremation, natural materials such as sustainable pine, willow, cane, and sea-grass, bamboo, wool or cardboard, are the most thoughtful choice.

Coffins are available bearing a transferred image illustrating any theme you choose or order one to be personalised especially...