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Your Last Wishes Living A Life Affirming Legacy

Welcome to our Last Wishes course and community, we are a not-for-profit organisation and passionate about enabling you to have the best heart filled end-of-life possible by living your best life now.

As part of our living legacy we plant trees with not for profit Ancient and Sacred Trees.

What Does Living Your Best Life Now Look Like?

Living your best life now means that once you have put your end of life plans in place It will help you gain peace of mind and enjoy the freedom to live the rest of your life more fully.  Arrangements can always be up-dated as life progresses. This means that you are not leaving a burden for those close to you, it also means that you are in control over the impact your departure has on the planet.

What Will Our Course Will Do For You?

We will make you aware of the many options available. Then you will know what to say ‘yes’ to and when to say ‘no.’ This knowledge will enable you to save hundreds or even thousands of pounds without compromising on quality or ethics. Our community course is mainly about enabling you to make the best choices for your end-of-life-planning. We talk you through everything you need to know from the onerous paperwork and legalities, to putting family and friends at ease, to creating the very best send-off you could wish for and most importantly creating healing memories for those left behind.

 What is the Last Wishes Community Course Overview?

Our topics include all the eco-friendly options, how to broach difficult subjects with family and friends, how to live your best life now including decluttering your home, ways to bring your family and community together, connecting with what is important to you and looking at things you can do to help ease the grief of your passing for those close to you. You will have the opportunity to create meaningful personal-to-you ceremonies with our support. As an interfaith community, celebrating all sacred connections and none, we are here to help you to plan heart filled unique and individual funerals and memorials that reflect who you truly are.

You get peace of mind and your family and friends get to have a meaningful, healing and uplifting celebration of your life. 

In this way we enable you to create a life affirming legacy for yourself, your loved ones and our beautiful planet.

Our course is ideal for CPD and you receive an automatic discount if you then decide to take part in our Last Wishes Teacher Training which is perfect for ministers, celebrants, hospice workers, counsellors, care home managers, death doulas and all those working with their local communities. 

Jean Francis Good Funeral Awards End of Life Planning Last Wishes

A Message From Our Founder Jean

Hi, I’m Jean Francis, my living legacy is helping people, groups and communities to have conversations about and make end of life plans without compromise in quality or ethics.

I attended two funerals many years ago celebrating elderly gentlemen who had arranged their own farewells. I emerged feeling euphoric recognising for the first time the healing powers of a good funeral.

I have been a part of the funeral industry for over thirty years and published my first book Time to Go in 2004, that Charles Cowling founder of the Good Funeral Guide described as “excellent”.  Time To Go encourages and dares people to be different; veering away from black and depressing funerals but honouring loss and grief in a deeply personal way. In 2013 I was very honoured to receive the ‘Most Significant Contribution to the Understanding of Death’ award at the Good Funerals Awards.

We have helped many hundreds of people live their best life now and plan their Last Wishes and we can help you live your legacy too.


What Do I Receive When I Join The Last Wishes Short Course and Community?

  1. Last Wishes Manual/Document you can download and print
  2. A dedicated online learning platform with videos, audios and downloadable printable learning materials accessible anytime.
  3. Work in your own time at your own pace
  4. Relaxed meditation and visualisation audios to help you with difficult decisions
  5. Easy to print documents for you to fill in by hand should you wish
  6. Live coaching sessions where you can talk to us and meet your fellow students
  7. Journal exercises
  8. Ongoing access to course content and any future updates
  9. Priority access to Tearoom events
  10. AND you get all of the following too!:

We are NOT just an online digital platform – We are a community

You also get

  • live group meetings to answer all your questions
  • An invitation to join our Facebook community

You also get a welcome package delivered to your door including:

  • Finishing Touches, 60+ ways to enrich a funeral at little or no extra cost – Written by founder Jean Francis
  • Ashes and Memorials – 60+ ways to be remembered at little or no extra cost – Written by founder Jean Francis
  • Time To Go – The Importance of Saying Goodbye – Written by Founder Jean Francis

Please Note:

  • For an extra £20 we can also provide you with a hard copy of all the learning materials and documents
  • This course opens from 15th November online to work in your own time with a new module released each week. There will be 3 live coaching calls at 7pm on 22nd Nov,  13th Dec and 10th Jan. Plus one to one coaching tba. After this time access to your course is ongoing with you having access to any updates in the future!

This is not just an online impersonal digital course where you are left alone to get on with things, this is a community inspired co-created with you journey to make your end-of-life plan.

You get all of this for £175 (+£20 if you also require hard copies of learning materials).

This  course has been commended by the Natural Death Centre and Ken West. Also recommended by Ancient and Sacred Trees and Sussex Green Living.


Early Bird Bonus – Book by Friday 5th November and receive a set of our Last Wishes Cards worth £30 for free

Our Guarantee

If within 14 days, you are not happy with our in-depth comprehensive course content simply show us the work you have completed so far and we will give you a full refund. However, once you dig into the coursework and begin to see results we are sure you will want to keep going.



Endorsed by Industry Professionals

“…informative, full of anecdotes and some dry wit. As the only creatures who know we will die, working through it will be your evidence that you have, finally, faced up to your mortality.” Ken West ‘godfather of natural burial.


The Last Wishes course has been endorsed by Rosie Inman-Cook, manager of the Natural Death Centre charity. 


Endorsed By Last Wishes Students

“I used to dread the idea of dying but having thought about and planned my own funeral I feel far more at ease with the inevitable.”

Martin in his 60s

“When someone dies emotions run high. There are many decisions to be made and things to be done that we are not familiar with. Planning for the future isn’t always easy and you may not know where to start/begin. Thank you Last Wishes; I now know.”

(Judith R)

“Having planned my funeral I feel a burden has been lifted, freeing me to live my final years to the full.”

Mary in her 50s

“Planning my own “end of life” was never really a strange concept to me but I wanted to do this with someone who really understood the process and could advise.

I wanted a farewell which was simple, close to nature with a lovely tea-party afterwards!

My family are now prepared and don’t have to worry about anything. My plan is filed away with all the other paperwork and I know that it can be refreshed at any time.”

Dorothy L in her 60s

It was wonderfully inspiring, that taught me so much. I would recommend it to anyone… And at the end of it you come out with something of real value for your loved ones, when they will need it most… If you get the chance to… attend… do your family a big favour! And start to live your legacy.

Lionel in his 60s

Attending proved to be one of the best decisions I have made. It opened up the whole subject in such a lovely way and raised my awareness of alternative and loving ways to say goodbye and to honour a loved one.

I so wish I had had this knowledge many years ago when my husband died. I would highly recommend this Workshop to everyone.

Ella R in her 70s


Jean Francis Good Funerals winner of the Most Significant Contribution To The Understanding of Death’ 


Early Bird Bonus – Book by Friday 5th November and receive a set of our Last Wishes Cards worth £30 for free!


 Book Your Place for £175

At the end of our time together you will have:

  • No worries about spending too much on your funeral
  • No worries about planning your-end-of-life
  • No worries about your impact on the planet.
  • No worries about compromising quality or ethics


Live your best life now by

  • Planning your end-of-life and tying up all the loose ends
  • Helping those close to you deal with legalities by making sure you have made all the necessary arrangements
  • Helping those left behind deal with the practicalities of arranging the funeral and memorial
  • Helping your loved ones come to terms with your loss
  • Celebrating your personal and/or spiritual life through a personal planned ceremony
  • Supporting Mother Earth by having an eco-friendly good bye
  • Last Wishes is proud to support Ancient and Sacred Trees by planting xx trees with each course sold creating a living legacy.

Early Bird Bonus – Book by Friday 5th November and receive a set of our Last Wishes Cards worth £30 for free!

Book Your Place for £175.

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