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A Message From Our Founder Jean

Hi, I’m Jean Francis, my living legacy is helping people, groups and communities to have conversations about and make end of life plans without compromise in quality or ethics.

I attended two funerals many years ago celebrating elderly gentlemen who had arranged their own farewells. I emerged feeling euphoric recognising for the first time the healing powers of a good funeral.

I have been a part of the funeral industry for over thirty years and published my first book Time to Go in 2004, that Charles Cowling founder of the Good Funeral Guide described as “excellent”.  Time To Go encourages and dares people to be different; veering away from black and depressing funerals but honouring loss and grief in a deeply personal way. In 2013 I was very honoured to receive the ‘Most Significant Contribution to the Understanding of Death’ award at the Good Funerals Awards.

We have helped many hundreds of people live their best life now and plan their Last Wishes and we can help you live your legacy too.



Free Ideas, Inspiration & Help For Your End Of Life Plan For Your Best Life Now

We are passionate about sharing our award winning Last Wishes end of life planning, green solutions, ceremony and sacred living to empower you to live your legacy. 

Last Wishes End of Life Planning. Live Your Legacy!

Last wishes is for you if:

  • You want to live your best life right now
  • You want to make sure your last wishes are honoured
  • You want to rest easy knowing you have all your affairs in order
  • You have a loved one nearing the end of their life and want to help them plan
  • You want to make a gift of your life by leaving a living legacy for loved ones
  • You are a spiritual person who knows there is more to life than just material possessions 
  • You want a deeper connection living a meaningful soul filled spiritual life that will live on after you die
  • You care about our planet and want your death to create more life
  • You want to be part of a helpful and supportive community of all faiths and none
  • You want access to a range of tools, advice and practical help provided by industry experts 

Our End of Life Planning Course

Learn how to save hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Make your last wishes clear to your loved ones, getting your affairs in order.

Create the Legacy you want to leave behind. Design your funeral and create the ceremony you would like, so loved ones can celebrate your life the way you wish. 

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Time to Go

Jeans' Book 'Time to Go'

First published in 2004, and recommended by the Good Funeral Guide, this pioneering publication dared people to be different with their funerals; veering away from the traditional, black and morbid norm. Time to Go offers people a myriad of easily adaptable ideas to pre-plan their funeral.

Become A Teacher, Coach and Tearoom Host

Run your own tearooms, workshops, courses and coaching sessions.

Be of service to your community opening up conversations around death, dying and grief. Live Your Legacy now by helping others to do the same, for themselves, for their loved ones and for the planet. Transform potential trauma into a legacy of love.

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We dispel fear, shame and assumptions about death and dying

We educate you about your options to plan end-of-life

We enable you to create an earth friendly funeral

We promote wellbeing and peace of mind

We inspire you to live your best life now

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