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Make your Last Wishes and Live Your Legacy so you can live your best life now

A Message from our Chairwoman
& Creative Director

Hi, my name is Jean Francis. Last Wishes Workshops were inspired as a result of having attended two funerals many years ago. Both occasions celebrated the lives of the elderly gentlemen who had arranged their own departures prior to need. I emerged feeling euphoric recognising for the first time the healing powers of a good funeral.

My mission is to share this life-changing experience with the world.  I published my first book Time to Go in 2004, encouraging and daring people to be different; veering away from black and depressing funerals but honouring loss and grief in a deeply personal way.

Last Wishes is my living legacy and I am honoured and delighted to bring it to you here. Since then, several books and many Last Wishes Workshops later people and groups are having conversations about and making end of life plans without compromise, quality or ethics.


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Honouring The Life Of An Old Soldier

Honouring the Life of an Old Soldier – Written By Jean Francis It was many years ago that I heard a remark made by a compassionate, young carer that has haunted me to this day.  It was during a Q & A session that the young lady voiced her concern that in the rest...

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The COURSE (our online course):

Learn how to save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on your funeral and celebration. Make your last wishes clear to your loved ones and get your affairs in order.

Create the Legacy you want to leave behind, without loose ends. Make your own funeral arrangements and create the ceremony you would like, so loved ones can celebrate your life the way you wish.

Time to Go

The BOOK (Time to Go)

First published in 2004, this book was one of the first publications that dared people to be different with their funerals; veering away from the traditional, black and morbid norm. Time to Go offers people a myriad of easily adaptable ideas to pre-plan their funeral.

The FACILITATORS (for one-to-one/Workshops)

Take a fresh look at life and death. Heal the wounds of grief and honour love as we grow a beautiful flower from the ashes. Transform potential trauma into a legacy of love.

We are running a special launch of this tried, tested and verified course to enable more people to access valuable and life changing information.

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