Time to Go – The Importance of Saying Goodbye


This book was first published in 2004 being one of the first publications that encouraged and dared people to be different; veering away from traditional, black and morbid funerals. Time to Go still offers people a myriad of easily adaptable ideas.

Time to Go developed as a result of having attended two extraordinary funerals, both pre-arranged by the elderly gentlemen themselves. Everyone left feeling uplifted, not heavy or sad as often happens after funerals. This was such a healing and inspiring experience Jean decided that her life's mission would be to offer people ideas that would well and truly celebrate the lives of unique people in unique ways.

As Jean began to write she realised that many people did not belong to any particular church but knew no other than to ask a church minister to take a funeral service. It was this realisation that inspired Time to Go into existence. To inspire people that there are other ways should someone decide to pre-plan their funeral.

10% of all sales of Jean’s books go to her daughter Carrie's charity; Sussex Green Living for environmental educational resources for their “Bright New Future” project for children and their parents.