Finishing Touches, 60+ ways to enrich a funeral at little or no extra cost


This little book offers 60+ ways to enrich a funeral at little or no extra cost. We are all unique beings, use this book as an aid to creating an equally unique occasion.

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Jean’s first book, Time to Go was useful should anyone decide to pre-plan their funeral but she soon identified a need for the newly bereaved. Hence the first in this series of pocket sized books was published with one idea per page.

When someone dies, there are many decisions and arrangements to make, all at a time of emotional turmoil. Finishing Touches offers a cornucopia of ideas that will personalise and enrich a funeral at little or no extra cost. Finishing Touches is an ideal gift for a newly bereaved person.

Flicking through the pages will stimulate the imagination; it will be the small, personalised finishing touches that become the memory that lingers in the hearts of those left behind.

10% of all sales of Jean’s books go to her daughter Carrie's charity; Sussex Green Living for environmental educational resources for their “Bright New Future” project for children and their parents.

“Jean’s little funeral books are packed with inspiration. The reader will be hard pushed to think of things that are not included and ideas that she does not touch on.”

Rosie Inman-Cook - Natural Death Centre.