Ashes and Memorials – 60+ ways to be remembered at little or no extra cost


This little pocket sized book offers 60+ ways to be remembered. With one idea per page it is bursting with ideas that will stimulate the imagination. Memorials are about creating memories of a loved one for the living also for the generation to come.

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Nowadays a simple funeral often takes place with a memorial celebration at a later date. This gives time to plan an occasion to celebrate the life of a loved one without feeling rushed. This little book is full of ideas and suggestions as to how to commemorate the life of a special person in a unique way - a memory that will live on forever.

If we love someone they never die. Leaving a legacy can materialise in many forms; you could sparkle like never before! Using modern technology, cremated remains (or hair) can be made into gem stones; placed into a piece of memorial jewellery to make a treasured keepsake. Maybe fund a scholarship, start a charity or club in memory of a loved one. For a dramatic send-off ashes can be placed in a rocket, so why not go out with a bang by having cremated remains fired into the blue yonder?

10% of all sales of Jean’s books go to her daughter Carrie's charity; Sussex Green Living for environmental educational resources for their “Bright New Future” project for children and their parents.

“A perfect little book offering so many  inspirational alternatives when considering how you would like to personalise your own cremation.”

Doreen R in her 60's