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If, within 14 days, you are not happy with our in-depth comprehensive course content, simply show us the work you have completed so far and we will give you a full refund. However, once you dig into the course work and begin to see results, we are sure you will want to keep going.​

Last Wishes – Live Your Legacy Planning Course


Last Wishes – Live Your Legacy Planning Course

During the course, we will share with you the skills required to alleviate any concerns regarding:

  • Spending too much on your funeral;
  • End-of-life planning;
  • Those you leave behind;
  • Your impact on the planet;
  • Compromising quality or ethics.

Live your best life now by:

  • Making plans to tidy up loose ends;
  • Making sure you have made the necessary arrangements to help those close to you deal with legalities;
  • Helping those left behind by pre-arranging your funeral or memorial;
  • Helping your loved ones come to terms with your loss;
  • Celebrating your personal and/or spiritual life through a carefully pre-planned ceremony;
  • Supporting Mother Earth by having an eco-friendly goodbye.

Last Wishes is proud to support Sussex Green Living and Ancient and Sacred Trees by planting trees with each course sold, creating a living legacy.

It was an utter joy to meet you on Saturday and benefit from your knowledge and wisdom. Many thanks for all the additional information that you have kindly shared.

Sandra S in her 50’s

Jean is a wonderful woman ... so compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable about her subject. I highly recommend her workshops ... so enlightening.... I learnt so much.

Julie M in her 50’s

I used to dread the idea of dying but having thought about and planned my own funeral I feel far more at ease with the inevitable.

Martin in his 60’s

Attending a Last Wishes Workshop proved to be one of the best decisions I have made. It opened up the whole subject in such a lovely way and raised my awareness of alternative and loving ways to say goodbye and to honour a loved one. I so wish I had had this knowledge many years ago when my husband died. I would highly recommend this Workshop to every one.

Ella R in her 70's

This workshop is well worth attending as there's a mine of thought-provoking information and Jean facilitates with compassion, warmth and humour.

Marion F in her 50’s

When someone dies emotions run high. There are many decisions to be made and things to be done that we are not familiar with. Planning for the future isn’t always easy and you may not know where to start/begin. Thank you Last Wishes I now know.

Judith R 70's

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