Tea Rooms

Our Tea Rooms are free, warm, friendly events when you can chat, be inspired and share ideas. They are led by ministers, a teacher, archaeologist and historian, and artist/crafts people.

We tell you beforehand what each session is going to be about and then you sign up for the ones you want to attend. Places are strictly limited and on a first come first serve basis. Priority is given to our community subscribers.

Below are just a few examples of what we offer at our free Tea Room Events.

Joining in on the Last Wishes Tea Room session held in such a safe, intimate, sacred space, to discuss a very personal decision I had made, was a truly amazing experience, thank you to all who made it possible.

Michelle T​

The Last Wishes Tea Room proved to be a safe place in which to explore questions around death and dying. Amanda’s gentle facilitation enabled me to clarify my thoughts whilst being inspired by the sharing of my fellow participants.

Jacqueline C

Tea & Lighter Conversations

Cake and Craft Sessions

  • Make a Jewellery Tree with Jean and friends. We show an example and talk about what materials are needed with embellishment ideas.
  • Decoupage session – ideas and inspirations provided
  • Activity ideas for kids that broach end-of-life or celebrate a loved-one
  • Bring your art or craft activity and cake, craft and chat with Jean, Amanda and friends
  • Knit and Natter with Jean and friends
  • Cooking with Jean’s and teams’ favourite recipes
Cake and Craft Sessions

Pets morning

  • Share photos and stories of beloved pets or bring your furry, scaly, feathery friend along and say hello! 
Pets Mornings

Archaeology & History sessions

  • Egypt – From the great pyramids to mummified cats everything you thought you knew about the Ancient Egyptians and quite a lot you didn’t! You’ve heard of James Brown but have you heard of Mummy Brown? From Victorian parties to classic horror films to cheesy pop songs take a tour of a few thousand years and chat afterwards about what we can learn from the ancient Egyptians.
  • The Alder Tree – Explore an ancient burial site and the history and culture of the alder tree. See how the special properties of the alder led to it being there.
Archeology & History Sessions

Special Days

  • Grandparents day etc.

Health/wellbeing or Nature meditation

  • Feel-good sessions using nature as our guide with a free visualisation or meditation and chat afterwards.

Art History

  • Talking about our favourite paintings and what inspires us.


  • Talking about our gardens. Sharing ideas and inspiration.

News Now Sessions

  • Take a look at an interesting post we have found and talk about it.


Special days, nature meditation, art history, gardening, News Now sessions, Oracle sessions

All of the sessions also use our set of cards but in a creative fun visual way to get you talking and feeling inspired.

Tea & Chat

We also offer deeper conversations that cover a variety of end of life considerations, from topics with slightly heavier themes, to lighter more joyful reflections. Last Wishes Tea Rooms can gently guide end of life conversations or open your awareness to the vast variety of options available for you and your loved ones. We let you know beforehand what we are going to talk about.

These deeper Tea Room sessions are designed to support and empower you around your end-of-life choices for you and your family. Last Wishes Tea Rooms are not group therapy or grief counselling, but our conversations are therapeutic, real and refreshing despite the themes. A place to find like-minded folks to talk to and share with.

Tea & Sympathy

First come first served, don’t delay book today!