Jean leaves no stone unturned, no aspect unexplained – and I had no idea it would be such fun. Under her sensitive guidance and with her extensive knowledge of what is possible…

Thank you Jean, for your inspired, humorous and down to earth approach to a subject that is so often considered taboo.

Tricia in her 60s

This workshop is well worth attending as there's a mine of thought-provoking information and Jean facilitates with compassion, warmth and humour.
Marion F in her 50s

Jean's little funeral books are packed with inspiration. The reader will be hard pushed to think of things that are not included and ideas that she does not touch on.
Rosie Inman-Cook

Natural Death Centre

It was a wonderfully inspiring day, that taught me so much. I would recomend it to anyone. It was a real fun day. And at the end of it you come out with something of real value for your loved ones, when they will need it most… If you get the chance to… attend… do your family a big favour! And start to live your legacy.

Lionel in his 60s

Attending a Last Wishes Workshop proved to be one of the best decisions I have made. It opened up the whole subject in such a lovely way and raised my awareness of alternative and loving ways to say goodbye and to honour a loved one.

I so wish I had had this knowledge many years ago when my husband died. I would highly recommend this Workshop to every one.

Ella R in her 70s

It was an utter joy to meet you on Saturday and benefit from your knowledge and wisdom...

Sandra S in her 50s

The Last Wishes Tea Room proved to be a safe place in which to explore questions around death and dying. Amanda’s gentle facilitation enabled me to clarify my thoughts whilst being inspired by the sharing of my fellow participants. 

Jacqueline C

The Last Wishes Workshop is an excellent idea, and very welcome. As we are all getting older the inevitable will happen. By making a few plans and clarifying wishes, cut out a lot of unnecessary expense, at a sad time. The Workshop is an ideal opportunity to take the time with Jean Francis an informed knowledgeable celebrant.

Su N in her 70s

Having planned my funeral I feel a burden has been lifted, freeing me to live my final years to the full.
Mary in her 50s

Jean is a wonderful woman ... so compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable about her subject. I highly recommend her workshops ... so enlightening.... I learnt so much.

Julie M in her 50s

I used to dread the idea of dying but having thought about and planned my own funeral I feel far more at ease with the inevitable.
Martin in his 60s

Planning my own “end of life” was never really a strange concept to me but I wanted to do this with someone who really understood the process and could advise. Jean has a simple, but comprehensive question sheet that helps you to look at options and she instinctively tunes into what you really want your friends and loved ones to honour and experience.

I wanted a farewell which was simple, close to nature with a lovely tea-party afterwards!

My family are now prepared and don’t have to worry about anything. My plan is filed away with all the other paperwork and I know that it can be refreshed at any time.

Dorothy L in her 60s

It was an utter joy to meet you on Saturday and benefit from your knowledge and wisdom. Many thanks for all the additional information that you have kindly shared.

Sandra S in her 50s

Joining in on the Last Wishes Tea Room session held in such a safe, intimate, sacred space, to discuss a very personal decision I had made, was a truly amazing experience, thank you to all who made it possible. 

Michelle T

A perfect little book offering so many  inspirational alternatives when considering how you would like to personalise your own cremation.
Doreen R in her 60s

When someone dies emotions run high. There are many decisions to be made and things to be done that we are not familiar with. Planning for the future isn’t always easy and you may not know where to start/begin. Thank you Last Wishes I now know.
Judith R 70s

When booking my place at a Last Wishes Workshop, I would never have believed how much light-heartedness could be interwoven with useful information while planning my funeral.
Maureen H in her 50s