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We encourage you to take a moment before you look at these cards, make a calming cup of tea and only reflect on a few at a time in any one sitting. Allow the sentiment and potential depth of each question to work on you over time, as you come to decisions that feel right for you.

Amongst our set of cards, we cover a variety of end of life considerations, from topics with slightly heavier themes, to lighter more joyful reflections.

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Enjoy your journey with these cards, as you discover and clarify your Last Wishes.


These thought-provoking snippets that can gently guide end of life choices or open your awareness to the vast variety of options available for you and your loved ones.

These cards are designed to empower you around your end of life choices. You might use these cards for your own reflection or as conversation starters, as we do in our Last Wishes Tea Rooms, where you are always welcome to join us for a visit and chat. You could also view the Founders Tea Room where each week we visit another card.

Last Wishes Tea Room

Our Last Wishes Tea Rooms are free community events in a safe space for anyone to talk about most things related to death and dying.

We use our Last Wishes Cards as conversation starters and to explore aspects people might not have thought much about before.

Currently these are virtual Tea Rooms on Zoom. Anyone is welcome to join us.

Last Wishes Journal

If you finding our Last Wishes Cards helpful, you might like the accompanying Last Wishes Journal.

On top of every page is a question from our set of Last Wishes Cards. The space provided allows you to take notes about your thoughts and answers.

Last Wishes Course – Live Online 6 week course

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End-of-life is surprisingly complex, costly, time consuming and upsetting with very limited choices if you don’t know your options.

Find out how to navigate the complexities with this guided course to inspire, educate, and empower you around your last wishes.