Ritual and Ceremony by Jean Francis

by | Mar 5, 2020

‘To help someone invent their own celebrations and live out their dreams is the finest gift the human heart can bestow.’

Allegra Taylor, ‘Acquainted With The Night’.

Ritual and ceremony has throughout time brought people together to celebrate important moments in our lives. Providing a space for conscious transition to take place, witnessed and shared with others.

Those who follow a particular faith path a ceremony may follow a set pattern that includes ancient readings and rituals. If you have no such template to follow, a ceremony can be anything you want it to be providing the intention is good. A ritual can be as simple as making a cup of tea, or lighting a candle.

A ceremony gives a heart of any occasion, whether it be a baby naming, a wedding, a funeral or one any the many occasions in between that honour and mark the milestones of life. Such occasions are about creating cherished memories, which include young and old alike.


Creating a ceremony


A good ceremony needs a beginning, middle and an end with a clear cut moment of transition. Moving from one place or situation to another and acknowledging the shift that has taken place. A occasion where families and friends get together to celebrate those special moments in life

When creating a ceremony your imagination is your only limitation. Celebrations can take place almost anywhere and for any reason; at home, in the garden, on the beach, in a cave, a woodland glade or on a hill top, in fact the sky’s the limit!

Healing can take place; such is the power of ritual and ceremony.

Encapsulating and sharing a heart opening moment with other individuals or the whole community is a way of connecting; never should the power of ritual and ceremony be underestimated.