In Loving Memory of Dawn De Vivre/Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE…
It is with great sadness that our beloved co-founder of Last Wishes has crossed the threshold. Many of Dawn’s activities revolved around the power of numerology, and it was significant that on 22/2/22 at 2.00 pm that her funeral took place.
In September 2018 Nicole and I spent a focused few days at Heather Bank Farm, the lovely home of Dawn and Lionel in Cheshire. A small group attended my Last Wishes – Live Your Legacy workshop, seeking to find a way to take this important work to another level. Trying to convince people to pre-arrange their own funerals is often like ‘selling igloos to eskimos’; but if anyone could find a way it would surely be Dawn with her entrepreneurial skills. We spent an inspirational day together during which those present pre-planned and documented their own funeral arrangements. Having realised that there are so few rules when planning such an occasion – imaginations ran riot! Dawn chose an eco friendly burial on private land, a haven for wildlife, where loved ones can visit, sit and reflect.
Dawn chose to be dressed in her wedding gown for her transitional journey, worn ten years earlier when she and Lionel married. Her choice of ceremony and celebration was carefully documented, resulting in a real celebration of a life generously spent. Dawn knew that when the time came her carefully considered wishes would make things easier for those left behind.
I have run Last Wishes workshops for many years locally but Dawn’s guidance while setting up the ‘new look’ Last Wishes was invaluable in taking the concept to the next level. Sadly in 2021 Dawn stepped back due
to ill health. For the past year a small team of us: Helen Grubert (OSIF), Amanda Vesty (AST) and I have continued promoting Last Wishes; offering information to inspire, educate and empower people. We especially endorse the importance of making environmentally friendly choices when planning a funeral and the healing power of ritual and ceremony. Dawn will be sadly missed by many people and communities but her spirit will live on in the hearts of all who knew her. In planning her Last Wishes she surely Lived her Legacy?
To read more about Dawn’s amazing achievements see:
Deep condolences and much love from the Last Wishes team to Lionel and Dawn’s two lovely daughters April and Michelle and her grandchildren, all of whom she loved so passionately – Jean on behalf of the Last Wishes – Live Your Legacy Team and Community.
Image – Last Wishes workshop, at Heather Bank Farm, September 2018
From left to right, Vera Gibbins (Dawn’s mother), Caroline Heppell, myself (Jean Francis OSIF) and founder of Last Wishes), Lionel (Dawn’s husband), Dawn (OSIF) and co-founder of Last Wishes), Jo Nicholls and her husband (Three Shires Funerals), Sue Bayley (OSIF) and Nicole van Zomeren, (OSIF, co- founder of Last Wishes and an early, valued team member who took the photograph).