Having been to many impersonal funerals and with no close family George decided, with an element of excitement, to pre-plan his funeral the way he wanted it to be.

George had ridden point to point in his youth and is still a keen horse racing enthusiast – hence he decided to theme the occasion around his passion. He has decided that on the day of his funeral, the hearse will stop at the corner shop, as usual to collect his copy of ‘The Racing Times,’ to take with him.

He has chosen a coffin decorated with a colourful horse racing scene and for the ceremony is to take place in a function room overlooking the racecourse.

With no particular religious beliefs George met with a celebrant, who acknowledged his request for a light-hearted occasion. While planning the ceremony, George requested that the poem: ‘The Old Huntsman’ by William Wordsworth is included. He plans that when the ceremony comes to an end the funeral directors take his earthly remains to the crematorium to the sound of a hunting horn and everybody singing the country folk song: ‘To be a Farmer’s Boy.’ Georges wish is that his many friends remain to party