Gemma Collins Speaks About the Death of Her Beloved Cat Twinkle

Gemma Collins Twinkle

The former Towie star, 39, opened up about her cat’s last moments and said she was put on a ventilator by a vet before she dying later that same day.

Gemma’s claims came after a new report from University College London which discussed fears that cats could cause a second wave of Covid-19. The TV personality’s cat Twinkle died in May at 25 years old.

‘I took her to the vet and it was so awkward because of Corona, I had to leave her on the boot of my car in a box and I just said to the vet please keep her alive.”

‘And then he called me two hours later and said he’d put her on a ventilator and she’s died.’

Gemma then revealed that she was so upset that she couldn’t speak for two days.

She also added that she feels because she and Twinkle had a bond and will be reunited in heaven.

“I was so upset, honestly, I couldn’t speak for about two days. But I can’t wait to see Twinkle again because I feel like me and that cat had a bond.”

We Will Meet In Heaven

Gemma then went on to say…

“Maybe it makes me get through the passing of her death easier but I do feel like I’ll see Twinkle again in heaven. It gives me comfort.”

Protect People AND Wildlife By Keeping YOUR Cat At Home Please!

The British Veterinary Association website advises that cat owners who are self-isolating with symptoms of coronavirus should keep their pets indoors, after a study found cats can spread the virus.

Researchers at Harbin Veterinary Research Institute in China found that cats are highly susceptible to Covid-19.

Cats are lovely BUT they decimate wildlife and at a time when our wildlife and environment are under severe threat this is an important reason for keeping our cats as house cats and/or giving them an outdoor catio. If they are young they can be trained to go on a lead as my mother did.

Let’s not have our pet cats causing unnecessary deaths! Do the responsible thing and keep your cat at home.

A Fitting Memorial

Gemma shared lovely photos of her beloved cat on social media. One image she made said,

” I rescued her 22 years ago she passed last night I’m absolutely broken. I love you Twinkle.”

Social media was a lovely way to remember her cat and she had lots of support from fans who commiserated with her on her sad loss.

Social media has many faults but it can be a useful source for us at times of grief. We can also use it to post pictures of our beloved pets and create memorials for them.