Amusing musings from the one and only Gareth Davis.
No not from me, oh no. You won’t be seeing me at any pearly gate or passing on for at least another 150 years and that’s if I die young. Before then I may even think of settling down a bit.. possibly get a job, get married, start a family, write a song.. who can tell? But for now in the blossom of my ‘yoof’ such things are far ahead..
So dear Providence you need not be tempted. None of this applies to me. Just making that clear at the outset. But as ever I have been granted wisdom beyond my ears and insights above my place.
We’ll call him Martyn. Poor Martyn. Don’t be like Martyn. Martyn went to heaven without his hat. He knew he’d forgotten something and already felt undressed. It was when he saw the rest of him that he understood just how undressed the afterlife actually is. It wasn’t as if it were particularly warm iether. The walls were quite impressive though, and the gates. But apparently no heating. He wondered if the souls of the redeemed were warmed from within by divine radiance. Or might they still have their’ cardigans? Mind u was this really the time to complain about the temperature.. given the possible alternative location?
But it turns out the Catholics were right, as were the Baptists and the Sufis and the Cult of Aphrodite.. but not the Methodists.
The Methodists are so wrong. Martyn was a Methodist. Don’t be a Methodist. You’d be better a Mormon. In short it’s no good asking for Charles, or John. It won’t pass muster. Witches are welcome, but no cats. Cats go to a far better place..
The problem is purgatory. Where do you start? Buddhists have a similar problem. You see it turns out sin is a thing. It’s the turning away from the divine.. that’s how it starts, and it ends up with turning away from being human. It’s the lack of wonder, the lack of jaw-dropped amazement at the incredible and fragile beauty we see and feel. It’s mediocrity. It’s blindness. It’s familiarity, contempt and disregard. It’s the lack of God, the absence of Goddess, the death of ridiculous hope. It is the failure to be a fool. So you are made to learn value and made to live another death till you finally appreciate life. Each tradition has it’s system and it’s lesson in different words for the same truth. Except for Methodists. Too many works, not enough grace. Poor Martyn. But it seems like the old TV show..
There’s only one way to get out and that’s to get some in!


Gareth who is a poet and brilliant raconteur, runs Feast For Life providing food and his own unique brand of entertainment. He can travel and work in any venue indoors and out.