People Don’t Know How To Plan For End Of Life

People in the UK do not have end of life plans in place because they don’t know what to do and unsure of how to talk about it.

The 2021 Dying Matters Report

The report says that only 13% of adults have told anyone about what their last wishes are. Just 3% of adults know how to make arrangements to ensure they die in the place they would wish to.

Last Wishes Live Your Legacy Helps People to Plan End of Life

Our Last Wishes course 

  • Physically (place of death, Advance Care Planning)
  • Emotionally (talking about death, making sure loved ones are cared for)
  • Financially (making a will, making funeral plans)
  • Spiritually (How different faith groups talk about and prepare for death)
  • Digitally (Looking at digital assets, social media, online banking)

Our next course begins 20th May 2021

The Last Wishes Live Your Legacy course plants trees with every participant. Ancient and Sacred Trees celebrates and Plants trees in the Tropics and the UK.