“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” — Shannon L. Alder

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Here are six ways to leave a great legacy:


1. Supporting People and Causes Important to You
Supporting your friends is a great way to share love and kindness and to celebrate all the positive things they do. Supporting good causes not only does good but it makes us feel good too.


2. Review Your Life and Decide What’s Most Important
How did you grow and transform your life? Did you make changes when you needed to, find your truth, inspire others, become a leader or influence others? What do you care about? It is never too late to do a review. This will help you to live your best life with happiness and sense of purpose.


3. Share Your Blessings With Others
Think of the blessings you have in life. Gratitude can do a lot to help your mental health. Sharing your good fortune does wonders for theirs. 


4. Show the Way
Share your expertise and lifes’ journey. Remember its’ not just the successes but all the mistakes in life that you learn from. Let others learn from your lifes’ wisdom.


5. Pursue Your Passions Because They Are Infectious
Inspire others by living with passion and purpose. Look out for young people and give them a helping hand. Your passions give you purpose and your purpose is your legacy.


6 Plant Trees Think of Others

Plant a living legacy. When you plant trees with Ancient and Sacred Trees you are supporting communities of trees and people enabling them to live their best life too. Here at Last Wishes Live Your Legacy with plant trees with every course and product in our shop.  www.ancientandsacredtrees.org is a volunteer run social enterprise celebrating woodland wildlife and well being.

 Ancient and Sacred Trees Celebrating, Ed


Leaving a legacy is best done by living your best life now.