Food For Thought – A Hole in One. By Jean Francis


While attending the funeral of an old friend, Jack and Liz questioned whether they were in the right chapel. The service seemed to have no resemblance to the jolly character they had known for a lifetime.


This experience made them realise the importance of pre-planning their own funerals, so they booked into a Last Wishes workshop. Here, they would gather awareness of the choices available while arranging a fitting departure that would reflect their individuality.


Jack decided to put ‘fun’ into his funeral around his passion for golf. He always felt happy observing nature, the seasons, animals, flowers and birds. He had formed an in-depth interest in insects while searching for lost balls in the rough.


When the time comes Jack wishes to be dressed in his favourite golfing attire (all natural materials) with a score card indicating a ‘hole in one’ in his pocket.


He has chosen a coffin made from sustainable materials decorated with a golfing scene to follow the theme.


Jack would like the hearse to take a short detour on the way to the crematorium, taking him past the golf course for the last time.

Not being a religious man he planed a simple service conducted by an independent celebrant.


He noted down a few ideas:


He would like the chapel to be filled with birdsong as people gather. He will ask a friend to write a funny poem especially for the occasion, there will be a tribute and a short silence for private contemplation. For the recessional music Jack has chosen ‘The Bohemian Golfing Rhapsody’ (a riff on the Queen classic) by Nigel Tait.


Back at the club house a themed buffet served with everything flagged accordingly:

  • A selection of ‘sand wedges’
  • Pro Specials
  • Niblets
  • Birdie nibbles
  • Hookers
  • Hole in one
  • Toppers
  • Chippers


Jack would like his golf balls to be distributed amongst his friends as keepsakes. Then at a later date, if permitted, his cremated ashes to be scattered on the course and a wooden bench placed near the 18th hole for all who wished to sit and rest.


 Jack smiled as he said ‘there will no doubt as to whose funeral this is!’ He now has peace of mind knowing his arrangements are in place.


Next time discover how Liz has chosen to be remembered.