Affirmations can be very powerful, here is why. The use of words to confirm; to assert as truth; positive declarations are what we call affirmations. Combining the energy of thought and intent, the spoken word sets affirmations in motion by action.

You have probably heard the phrase “thoughts are things”, and so they are. Thoughts create and even more power is given to our thoughts when they are released from us through speech. Speaking our thoughts gives them life outside of us. They carry our intent with them, they are activated and energised.


Think of the word Abracadabra, historically it was believed to have healing powers when inscribed on an amulet. It is of unknown origin but it is thought to mean “As I speak I create”.

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Affirmations As Tools

Affirmations are powerful tools. We can use them for healing, confidence, life change and invocation. We can change the way we think and respond, literally re-training our brains. Our minds will accept our affirmations as fact when we present them as fact.

Use Affirmations For Change

Things only really begin to change when we want it enough. You have probably heard the phrase “sick and tired of being sick and tired” … well, when you get to that stage then you are are ripe for making a positive difference to your life. Typically people get to the stage where they are willing to try anything and do what it takes and make the effort because they have quite simply had enough of being stuck where they are.

Sometimes we have feelings and then apply negative words to those feelings thus impounding them even further. It’s a cycle and a circle that can go on and on unless you get enough momentum to spin out of it.

The way to lift yourself out if it is having a genuine intention to change and then learning to treat yourself with love and respect because if you don’t who will? Imagine it is someone else you see out there, doing themselves down, would you have any confidence in that person? The beliefs we hold can make or break us. So choose to BE the person you really are inside, creative, thoughtful, kind generous etc. You have to make a conscious decision to let those qualities be seen and to believe in them yourself.

Empower Yourself Through Words

We have the power to change things – and create life the way we want it to be.

We can use our words to empower ourselves.

What’s your morning routine? Perhaps you can’t function without that extra strong cup of coffee, maybe it’s a walk with your dog first thing or maybe its a gratitude practise that sets you up for the day. These little ceremonies are what get us through our days. How much more powerful would they be if we added affirmations to them?

What I am suggesting here is to empower your ‘ceremony’ or ‘ritual’ with the spoken word. Words as affirmations are powerful things. They can contribute to a mindfulness practise and make a significant contribution to our well being. Combine affirmations with your daily routines and empower yourself.