Concerns Of A Carer About How to Acknowledge End Of Life

It was many years ago that I heard a remark made by a compassionate, young carer that has haunted me to this day.

It was during a Q & A session that the young lady voiced her concern that in the rest home where she worked, when someone dies their names were never again mentioned; like they had never existed.

Practical Ways To Say Good Bye In A Care Home

Yet on the other hand I have heard many heart-warming stories of a funeral corsage halting outside for the staff and residents that wish to, to say good bye to a deceased resident on the way to their funeral.

Another report was that residents come in the front door so why shouldn’t they leave the same way?

This policy enables other residents that wished to bid a friend farewell, to do so. When someone dies in other care homes a photograph of the person is placed on the hall table beside a single rose.

When a resident simply disappears and their existence not even acknowledged how depressing it must be knowing the same will happen to them when it is their turn. To not mention the name of a person that has died is surely an archaic idea?

Nowadays we encourage people to speak about and remember those who have died, honouring their presence in our lives and remembering especially the good times. This surely is a healthier approach?

An Example Of How To Say Goodbye In A Care Home

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