Praise Be! Praise for our ‘Letting In The Light’ Last Wishes Tea House Education Events last week …

Our Last Wishes short community course begins next week!

Living shrines and Altars by Amanda

Praise for Amandas Living Shrines and Gardens Workshop

Feedback from Amanda ‘s workshop

See this article for a glimpse into Amandas’ world of gardens and nature.

How to create a Living Shrine – Tiny Gardens Big Dreams Workshop! – With Amanda C Vesty

This is a bonus module in our community short course with details of what plants to use as well as lots of examples of themes and images of many gardens, memorials and shrines that have been created. It also covers how to create a place for nature even in the smallest of spaces. You also receive a discount voucher to use for purchasing accessories.

Ken West ‘godfather’ of Natural Burial

Thank you so much everyone, it was lovely and inspiring, Love Lindsay xx
This event has been recorded and is a bonus included in our short community course. Author and industry professional  Ken West  is the ‘last word’ on eco friendly funerals.

Chris Dudenska Independent Ethical Funeral Director

I feel very fortunate to do this. Wishing you all the best and always in rainbow delight and thanks Jean, Amanda, Helen to facilitate this and Chris for sharing your experience. Here I bow. Magdalene M.
This event has been recorded and is just one of the many bonuses included in our short community course. Chris Dudinska runs an ethical funeral service – Last Wishes in York.

Viking Blessings by Amanda Vesty

Beautiful – Caroline T
Wonderful – Cath and Tosh from Cradle To Grave
Feedback from our Viking event with Cradle to Grave
For those of you wishing to become Last Wishes Teachers we have a module dedicated to blessings and how to create them, plus templates for you to use. Amanda explains the difference between a prayer and a blessing and the appropriate time to use each one. Plus some hints about how to say them and confidence in public speaking. These are perfect  for you to use within your own community or to share with those who would like to write something for a loved one or for them to say at the funeral or memorial celebration.
There is also a module for eco friendly offerings and gifts and how to create them for loved ones or to gift to Mother Nature. Here, Amanda shares lots of ideas and beautifully illustrated with lots of photographs.
These are just two examples of all the extra supporting material you get as part of your teacher training.

Last Wishes Live Your Legacy Tea House and Tea Rooms

Last Wishes Tea House

Our Tea House runs education events and courses for the general public, those wishing to become Last Wishes Teachers and Industry Professionals.

Last Wishes Tea Rooms

Our Tea Rooms are free community events and open to all to attend and currently running online once a month. They are inspired by the Last Wishes Live Your Legacy cards – a wonderful resource perfect for opening up those difficult conversations. The Tea Rooms are confidential respectful spaces where we talk about all end of life related matters.

Praise For ‘Our Letting In The Light ‘ Last Wishes Tea Room

We Welcome YOU!
This particular session was around family friendly funerals.
it was lovely to attend this evening and meet other like-spirited folk!  Leti H
Praise for our Tea Room – a respectful and confidential space to talk about end of life matters.
Our next end of life course begins next week find out more here,
A Great Big Thank You to all of you who attended! We had a great time and offer our most grateful thanks to our wonderful speakers.
Best wishes
PS We offer one to one coaching should you have any question about your end of life planning. Please get in touch for more details.