In honour of Remembrance Day and all those who have died in the line of duty. We at Last Wishes honour all those who died in service and in sacrifice.

 Old Soldier

Listen old soldier

Wherever you are

The hills or the valleys

Come near or come far

They say youth is a treasure

We waste when we’re young

So come down from that place

Where your medals are hung

You’re forever returning

And yearning to fight

And you feel just like

An old soldier tonight

Listen old soldier

‘Cause time doesn’t wait

The moon’s on your shoulder

And the hour is late.

And something there inside

Still calls out to you

And you won’t fade away

Whatever you do

You’re forever beginning

Barely winning the fight

You just feel like an old soldier tonight.

You’re not getting no younger

That much is true now

But you still got that hunger

Burning in you now

So what do you do now?

(What do you do now)?

Listen old soldier

To the sound in your ears

Of too many battles

Of too many years

But theres only one thing

You’ve learned in defeat

That loosing is bitter

And victory is sweet

Yeah you’re always unravelling

Travelling light

And you feel just like

An ol soldier tonight

And you feel just like

An ol soldier tonight

(that’s right)

Just an old soldier