The Last Wishes Tea House End Of Life Guest Lectures

Last Wishes hosts guest lectures on a wide range of subjects surrounding end of life in the Last Wishes Tea House. Yuli Some from Bellacouche on eco friendly end of life products and saying goodbye in a way that honours the natural world.

Natural Burial and Eco friendly Living

Yuli Some is involved with  FibreShed  – a community of fibre and dye growers, processors, makers and manufacturers across the South West.  The question they ask is,  how can they produce more home-grown textiles and garments in a more healthy, resilient and regenerative textile ecosystem? She says of her work, “The Bellacouche philosophy is not affiliated to any religion, but respects all religious faiths and the right to believe in none. Wool is my raw material, which is made into felt, classed as a non-woven material. The pieces are all handmade, motifs are either sewn or needle felted in.”

This is at the heart of Yuli’s work and illustrates her philosophy of eco-friendly living and art as activism, through which she shared with us her range of soft coffins, pure wool shrouds and wool felt funeral urns. She took us the through the process of sourcing materials and then making the finished articles. In following short video she talks about the leaf cocoons

Live Your Legacy with Last Wishes and Bellacouche

This is not just about creating beautiful products that honour end of life this is about creating a Living Legacy. Shockingly cremation accounts for about 15% annually of dioxins and other emissions into the atmosphere in the UK. This greatly adds to the pollution causing climate change as well as because of the vast amount of gas (fossil fuel) required on a daily basis. But emissions can be reduced by avoiding glues, plastics and other synthetic materials and embalming fluids.  All Bellacouche shrouds and soft eco coffins are made of natural materials which significantly reduce harmful emissions if cremated and cause no harm when buried.

Yuli spoke to us about how we can create an eco-friendly good bye to loved ones that honours both them and the earth.

Bellacouche Shrouds Cocoons and Urns

To find out more about Yuli and the stunning work she creates you can find her here or download her brochure for shrouds, cocoons and urns here:

Yuli is a passionate advocate of natural burial where synthetic materials of any description are avoided as they will not bio-degrade and are harmful to the soil. She says “Natural burial is an altogether gentler, benign and completely natural approach by encouraging wildlife and providing a beautiful setting for friends and family to visit into the future.  Methane or other emissions are not a problem as Nature takes care of everything in the time honoured way.”

Yulis’ work is very beautiful and in ancient time honoured tradition she is working to make sure that death creates new life. As an artist myself and eco advocate I was especially inspired by her art as activism as I saw it. Our things can be beautiful, useful and eco friendly!

Last Wishes End of Life Programs

Yuli’s inspiring lecture is just one of the many wide ranging subjects relating to end of life that we have as bonuses for our scholars on our community education programs.

Last Wishes – Live Your Legacy End of Life Interfaith Community

We are an interfaith community welcoming all faiths and beliefs, and you are welcome too. We explore a wide range of subjects relating to end of life making these available in the hopes that some may be useful to you.