The Last Wishes Tea House End Of Life Guest Lectures

Cradle To Grave, AKA Cath and Tosh, are alternative people who provide alternative choices for funerals. Cradle to Grave first started producing baskets in the early 90’s but have been making coffins since 2004.

Here at Last Wishes we were extremely happy that Cath and Tosh agreed to talk to us and they provided an insightful and informational event. These are people who walk their talk living sustainably and producing sustainable handcrafted coffins, urns and Viking ships.

Viking Ship Caskets

Viking ships? Yes … Viking ships. This pair of Viking enthusiasts even had a Viking themed wedding when they got married. They will make you a Viking boat for your ashes for that proper Viking send off.

Viking Casket

Eco Friendly Funeral with Cradle To Grave

Wonderful Willow – An Eco-Friendly Craft

Cradle To Grave now grow over half the willow they need to produce they coffins and are planning on planting more over the next few years

The rest of the willow is carefully sourced from renewable, sustainable, local sources and harvested from coppiced stools by the Musgrove family in Weston Zoyland, Somerset. It is the ultimate form of environmental recycling.

Willow Coffin

Eco friendly coffins and urns by Cradle To Grave

Eco-Friendly Coffins and End of Life

Willow is an important floodplain and wetland tree. A good wildlife host, it stabilises silt to make soil through its fibrous roots, making it ideal for use in stabilising riverbanks.

You can see Cath at work here in this video.

Last Wishes Live Your Legacy Supports Sustainable Funerals

It is so important to support our home gown products and craftspeople. Packaging and global transport of low grade foreign baskets are now real issues, as is the loss of skilled basket-makers.

Cath says, “We understand that you are saying goodbye to someone much loved, so all our beautiful coffins are made with the utmost skill, love and care specifically for your loved one.

This passion is reflected in the fact that they won a Good Funeral Award for their coffins. You cannot put a price on this sort of love, care and devotion. They love what they do and it shows.

Last Wishes End of Life Programs

Cath and Tosh’s uplifting lecture and chat with us is just one of the many wide ranging subjects relating to end of life that we have as video bonuses for our scholars on our community education programs.

Last Wishes – Live Your Legacy End of Life Interfaith Community

We are an interfaith community welcoming all faiths and beliefs, and you are welcome too. We explore a wide range of subjects relating to end of life making these available in the hopes that some may be useful to you.